The Amsterdam Canal District, a remnant of the Golden Age, forms the heart of Amsterdam and offers a diversity of cultural highlights. All hotels, restaurants, museums and shops on this map are housed in historical buildings within the Amsterdam Canal District. They will give you the chance to experience Amsterdam’s energetic atmosphere that has been established over the past 400 years. Book directly at your hotel an exclusive cruise in a classic saloon steamer or take a trip on one of the open boats of Canal.



Wake up energized and refeshed in one of Amsterdam Canal Districts comfortable hotels


Enjoy an outstanding lunch or exquisite dinner in one of our lovely restaurants


Get acquinted with our culture in Amsterdam Canal District’s fine art galleries or museums.


Unique shops and boutiques: take home delightful gifts for yourself and your loved ones.


An unparalleled view of our Amsterdam Canal District. One of the nicest ways to visit our canals


Distinctive areas to explore. Discover our recommendations in our Canal District.


For the highest quality diamonds, luxury watches and jewelry, visit GASSAN Diamonds! GASSAN has played a crucial role in the history of Amsterdam as diamond City. It was established by Samuel Gassan in 1945, just after the Second World War, as a business specializing in the import and export of raw and cut diamonds. Today GASSAN Diamonds is located in a beautifully restored diamond factory built in 1879. Here, various tours are organized for circa 350.000 visitors a year. Here, visitors can view the diamond polishers at their craft, while multilingual guides explain how to turn rough diamonds into dazzling brilliants. In addition, GASSAN is also an official dealer of Rolex watches, and is very proud of its own unique patented cut: the GASSAN 121.

Different ways to experience Amsterdam as the Diamond City

Discover the history of diamond craftsmanship on the free Diamond Experience tour, where guides will lead you through the diamond factory and explain about carats, colors, clarity, cuts and the GASSAN 121. GASSAN also offers a VIP tour through the diamond factory and the in-house Rolex boutique which includes a glass of champagne, a goodie bag and the chance to chat with a certified Rolex watchmaker. Or take a seat behind the grinder yourself with the Diamond Polishing Experience, where you can apply the final facets to your own diamond!


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